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With more than 25 years of experience, we are committed to excellence. Hutcheson Engineering is a top distributor of pumps, parts, and accessories, as well as a leader in pumping system design and repair service. As the only comprehensive distributor in the region, Hutcheson Engineering offers an expansive range of services and professional pumping solutions.

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Special Projects

Hutcheson Engineering Products, Inc. had watched as their close neighbor in an Omaha industrial park, Airlite Industries, grew at a rocket pace over the past 10 years. Hutcheson had been providing Airline with a steady stream of new high volume close coupled centrifugal pumps used to supply cooling water to a multitude of molding machines used in the manufacture of retail food containers for many name brand companies.

In the summer of 2012, Airlite, anticipating a significant increase in the demand for their product, contacted Hutcheson to design/engineer additional pumping capacity to supply a major plant expansion which included 50 new molding machines. Further, Airlite requested that the proposed pumping equipment be built as turn-key station for quick installation to match the rapid expansion construction pace, and that the station be designed to add more capacity for future expansion.

Hutcheson met with Airlite management and engineering personnel on numerous occasions as Airlite considered several alternatives, each with its own capacity, energy, and footprint challenges. In fall/winter of 2012-2013, the proposed expansion was well on its way past several upgrades which included changing pump related requirements. Consequently, the pump station plans struggled to land on a definitive design.

Construction broke ground in early 2013 as Hutcheson finished a general pump station concpe tthat would incorporate 3 large VFD operated high service split case pumps rated for 1760 GPM @ 326' each.The floor space available, while generous enough, still had to be carefully considered since the pump station suction supply was limited to a very small remaining space in the already overtaxed chill water reservoir.

Hutcheston turned to a trusted partner, Metropolitan Industries, to team up with their talented design experts to lay out a complete three-pump packaged system with individual 12'' suction lines to each pump and a common 16'' discharge header, all factory mounted on a base frame and pre-tested at the Metropolitan facility in Romeoville, IL. Because of that critical timetable of the plant expansion completion it was crucial that the station be operation ready when it arrived in Omaha.

After six unexpected design shifts during construction of the station due to Airlite requirement changes (not the least of which included the need to split the huge station into 2 separate sections so that it could fit through unforeseen installation passageways) the pump station arrived on schedule to Airlite's facility in Omaha and was immediately besieged by an army of mechanical and electrical contractors who rushed to move the massive station into place where they would connect major piping and power connections. Within a few weeks, Metropolitan and Hutcheson technicians commissioned the pump station which immediately began transferring chilled water to the new expansion for production of Airlite products.

Hutcheson sales manager Peter Parkert and sales consultant Jeff Burch agreed that the fast track pace of the project, combined with the ongoing design changes, made this job unusually memorable. Both were quick to credit Metropolitan Industries for their ability to flex with the changes and still meet a difficult deadline with a very reliable product. 

Hutcheson continues to work regularly as a pump distributor and problem solver with Airlite as they climb rapidly in their industry. The Airlite success story has also served to enhance Hutcheson's own reputation as a problem-solving pump consultant and supplier in their Iowa and Nebraska marketplaces.


maag-industrial-familyHutcheson Engineering and Pump Solutions Group (PSG) are excited to annouce their agreement for representation of the MAAG "G" Series, part of the MAAG Industrial Pumps family of gear pumps, for Iowa and Nebraska.  MAAG "G" Series is an internal gear pump which is designed to be a direct replacement for Viking internal gear pump models, and other gear pump brands as well.  Hutcheson has been the authorized representative for Envirogear magnetically coupled gear pumps, another PSG brand in the MAAG family, for over 10 years.

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